My Hip Resurfacing Surgery

Lisa's New Hip
Lisa’s New Hip

Written on July 28, 2018 – about a week after my surgery:

How I spent my summer vacation. 

Hip resurfacing surgery (July 20, 2018) went well and I am now working on the recovery part. Hip joint now doesn’t hurt but the muscles that were cut are extremely angry. I am off the opioids (yeah!) and am moving slowly … but surely. Previous hip pain was sucking the life out of me and I am looking forward to getting my life BACK!!!

Written on January 25, 2019 – about 6 months after my surgery:

This is the surgery that I selected to have done to repair my very arthritic and painful right hip. It took lots of research to find Dr. Thomas Gross, an orthopedic surgeon in Columbia SC, who has performed over 5000 resurfacing surgeries. January 20 was my 6 month anniversary and I am not ashamed to admit that this surgery kicked my ass. Those first 6 weeks were very humbling.

In my follow up visit at 8 weeks, Dr Gross cleared me to start rehab, so Mike and I joined a local gym. I met with the trainer, we came up with a plan for my workout, and on my first visit, I hit the arc trainer (similar to an elliptical).  I set the time to 10 minutes … on level 1 … and I was extremely light headed when I was done. Holy crap. Its a good thing that Planet Fitness is the “no judgement zone.”

Fast forward another 4 months. I am still mindful of my gait, but I am now walking pain free. My doctor said that after 6 months, I can start easing back into my sporting activities. Guess I was stretching the definition of “easing” because Darcy and I just finished three agility weekends in a row of traveling and trialing. All were fun, we were able to visit with friends and it was very evident that Darcy was very happy to be out running agility again. Because I was running with pain for several months and then we were out for over 10, we have a lot of work/training to do to be the amazing team we were becoming before my hip made other plans. I am now more determined to not only recover, but to be better, stronger, faster, and healthier than before, and considering the results of so many others who have had the resurfacing procedure, I think it is quite possible.

Stay tuned …

This was written on July 21 – one year after my surgery:

I was seated on the edge of the operating table wondering why there were nurses on either side of me holding my right and left arms. They smiled and one said “here you go … the best beach-side summer cocktail you have ever had”.

When I woke up, I was in a different room and another smiling nurse greeted me. “How are you feeling?”

“What? I don’t know. Wait, do I have a new hip??”

“Yep. You have a new hip”

That was one year ago. July 20, 2018.

Lisa, Darcy and Pippin at the Biltmore
Lisa, Darcy and Pippin at the Biltmore

In the last 365 days I have been humbled, frustrated, overwhelmed, encouraged, enlightened, amazed and determined. I had been walking so badly (due to the pain) for almost a year before my surgery that I really did have to learn to walk again, to find my gait again, to remember head up, shoulders back, one foot in front of the other, heel/toe … and no slouching. It took months to get there.

At 8 weeks, I had a follow up visit with my doctor, Dr. Thomas Gross, in Columbia, SC, and he asked me if I was glad I had had the surgery. At that point, I wasn’t really sure. When he asks me again, it will be a resounding yes. I am very thankful that we found the best doctor in the country who performed the hip resurfacing surgery that will hopefully be my one and only.

One year ago today, we were in this RV heading home from the hospital in Columbia. I was frail, vulnerable, overwhelmed and needy and tried to rest on the sofa while Mike drove the whole way home. I don’t say this enough, but I am so very grateful for Mike’s love, support and encouragement, even though I cursed him those first few days after we got home when he insisted that I get out of the chair and walk a little … and then a little more.

A year later, I am walking better, moving better and feeling better each day and hoping the effects of that beach-side summer cocktail never wear off 🙂

**About 7-8 months after my surgery, I was doing much better but still feeling stiff and was not moving as well as I thought I should be. My sister-in-law, Debbie, had just signed on with Zilis and insisted that I try the UltraCell CBD. I was very hesitant at first, but after using it for about 3 weeks, I definitely noticed a difference. I am also using the UltraICE product, which contains turmeric and other anti-inflammatory botanicals. The combination has been very helpful. Click here to learn more.

CBD and Me

Two weeks after we picked up Pippin and two weeks before we lost Riley.

As I have continued to recover from my hip surgery (July 2018), I have been doing better each month, but I also felt like my whole body needed to be oiled. I was still really stiff to get up and start moving. In early March, my sister-in-law, Debbie Fisher, told me that I needed to try this great new CBD oil. Um no thanks, I said. I’ve tried CBD before and it didn’t work, I said. In fact, I said, I think I had an allergic reaction to it (elevated heart rate/tightening in the chest).  Debbie said I don’t care – try it anyway. So I did.

The next few months were a blur – in early April, I drove to Kansas to pick up Puppy Pippin (a “field” Golden Retriever) and then in early May, we had to say goodbye to Old Man Riley (a Golden Retriever just one month shy of 13). All the while I have been taking the Zilis Ultra Cell CBD. I think  helped me stay sane during some tough moments. I KNOW it helped me feel less crusty – more oiled. Not 100% like I’m 20 again, but enough of a difference that I am hooked/sold/don’t want to stop.

So now that things have settled down a little, I am able to wrap my brain around the fact that I have signed on to sell an INCREDIBLE product and one that I would love to share with you – Zilis Ultra Cell CBD oil. This product is a FULL spectrum (over 400 compounds) CBD oil, and the bioavailability is off the charts – over 90% absorption! That’s HUGE and almost unheard of in the CBD industry. And recently it became the #1 selling CBD in the country. That’s amazing. You will not find it at Walmart or CVS. The company has chosen to sell through people like ME and YOU!

Attention DOG PEOPLE – this product has 0.0% THC and is safe for dogs … and cats … anything with a spine. We gave this to Riley to help with his seizures. It didn’t stop them, but we believe it lessened the severity and the frequency and we also believe he had a little more spring in his step because it was easing his arthritis. It’s also great for thunderstorm anxiety. And, Zilis just released a new product – Ultra Cell RAW – no sweeteners and no flavoring. PERFECT for our dogs and cats!! Click here for more information.