I am a Dog Mom & Trainer; Dog Agility Competitor, Instructor and Coach; Outdoor Enthusiast; Artist; Web Designer; Small Business Owner; Gardner; Home DIYer.

In 2018, I had a hip replacement and my recovery led me to Zilis Ultra Cell CBD. I am an Ambassador with Zilis and this website allows me to share my story about how UltraCell has helped me … and my dogs … as well as other discoveries I have made along the way. Want to come along? 

- Lisa Graham

In many ways, I look at myself as an aggregator – someone who is always searching for answers, always interested in learning and in doing so, I find myself gathering lots of great information from lots of very different places. Lisa Graham Health is a way for me to share those bits and pieces with you. I am not an expert on anything in particular, but I have found lots of resources from people who are. Why reinvent the wheel when I can let my computer drive all over the world and find answers to my questions – or just find interesting miscellaneous stuff to shove into my brain? I am sure this website will take on a life of its own as I continue to learn, explore, grow and heal. My goal is to enlighten you or to intrigue you enough to do some research of your own. 

I was raised around water, so I find it very interesting that I love the mountains. Mike and I have explored much of the Blue Ridge Parkway and we love just about every mile. This photo was taken in July of 2019 on the Green Knob Trail in Julian Price Memorial Park on the Parkway. I love hiking and it takes on a whole new level of dexterity to hike with dogs … especially a young one. Walking on pavement is just so predictable. But walking on rough, narrow trails where you need to watch each foot placement makes it a little more difficult. Now throw in a few leashes and dogs and lots of motion and it becomes intense mental AND physical exercise but I absolutely love it.