About me

My name is Lisa Graham. I am a self-employed graphic designer who works at home and creates/updates/maintains client’s websites. My company is called Design 2, Inc. and has kept me part time+ occupied for over 30 years.

My husband, Mike, and I love and live with dogs – Golden Retrievers to be exact. We currently have 2, Darcy and Pippin, but have shared our lives with 4 others before now – Kaley, Sophie, Riley and Finnegan. Our dogs aren’t just yard art – they go with us when ever they can. In fact, we purchased an RV just so it would make traveling easier. Who needs a hotel when a nice, cozy RV is soooo much better?

Over 15 years ago, I discovered the wonderful world of dog agility and enjoy everything about the sport – the training, competitions and the great friends I have made along the way. I compete with my own dogs, present workshops and seminars throughout the south east, and teach weekly classes at Pets Behave in Niceville. Sophie, Riley, Finnegan and now Darcy have all played agility with me and young Miss Pippin will be learning about the fun in the next few months. Learn more about agility classes and workshops on my Lisagrahamagility.com website.

Finnegan, Sophie and Riley taking a break from swimming and wading in Cinco Bayou in Fort Walton Beach.

Pippin and Darcy explore the wonders of Cinco Bayou in Fort Walton Beach in very different ways.